“The balance of the Ecosystem can only be restored through a healthy mind and body.”

One needs to be completely aware of the functioning of his/her body, this awareness then leads one to a highly sensitive body enabling us understand the complexity of the planet.


Ganga Natural Farm, Idukki, Kerala

Welcome to one of the sacred mountains of Kerala where ancient culture and wild beauty blends during the modern-day revolution.

Here is a story of a French man who dedicated his Life to amplify his passion living a complete Organic/Natural Lifestyle.

“I learned agriculture the hard way, without prior knowledge and understood it by getting my hands dirty and living closely among plants and Nature. Though a passion was born and the journey began.

Chemical stuff and non-organic supplements were a no-go zone since the beginning and naturally, we were drawn to a total and non-compromising organic kind of farming. A couple of years after my beginning in the field of farming, I discovered people like Masanobu Fukuoka, one of the fathers of natural farming, and was delighted to have reached the same conclusion as he did on the way of working of Mother Nature”. By Bruno Perret.

Its now time to visit and witness the beauty of this farm and their organic lifestyle.

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White Peak, Khirsu, Uttarakhand

Amidst snowcapped white peaks is situated a small isolated village of 8-10 houses and surrounded by wild beauty of the forest. A complete organic way of living and farming is practiced with traditional methods. Here is the story of a family of Om Bahuguna Prakash who welcomes all to experience a breathtaking stay.

Here is the story of the man behind this beautiful place.

For booking and more information pls call on 7506101000.


Our body is set on a framework portraying complexity, so treating the body should be done under utmost care. One needs to mindfully be aware of the changes in the body to lead a healthy life.

  • MeditationTake a dip into various relaxation and positive mind-altering therapies.
  • Activity Based – Be a part of the various activities that you can involve yourself into trekking, scenic visits and jungle safari.
  • Aroma – Experience the power of natural aroma extracted from rare plants and flowers to enhance one’s senses.
  • Animal Cuddle - Experience the feeling of regaining the lost connection with these voiceless innocent creatures.
  • Musical - Introducing to you various age-old musical instruments that we use to create a melodious resonance along with reflection therapy.
  • Counselling – Open up to our experts and they will guide you to the journey that you were always waiting for.

"The balance of the ecosystem can be restored through a healthy mind and body"