The world is a place where life flourishes and then changes its form in so many different patterns, displaying its most vivid colors through the exotic dance of nature. Some patterns are so complex that understanding it would require one’s complete awareness towards the minutest changes that takes place and most of it goes unnoticed due to ignorance.

Life in every form is certain and knowing the duties as a small part of the bigger cell is our utmost responsibility. One can only walk away from it for a short period but has to return to its role as diversion from the original path can only be delayed but cannot be neglected for a long time.

One need not worry that the world is about to end, but instead should work diligently to understand the gifts of nature and use them wisely and share and cherish its memories with others, in return one will find its life so valuable that every act carried on mindfully will add beauty to life.

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Coriander Cave is a Plant-Based Lifestyle and Research Centre, that values the gifts of the Earth and its core values are to abide by the divine law. The working pattern of Coriander Cave is built to support the acts of nature and also allow humanity to develop with its progress. The simplicity in Coriander Cave’s lifestyle is designed to flourish naturally without painful attempts and yet achieve transformational results. This brings Coriander Cave to a degree that not only widens on its growth, but also opens the channel to explore the unknown.


A place of sensitivity in Dakshin Karnataka, we have created a prototype which is a model of complete ‘Synergy’ and this place reflects the energy of highly sensitive creatures which sequentially helps you in one’s upgrading perception. One can quickly understand the blessing of living in this place in a few days and can experience connectivity of senses with the surrounding and food structure we have created, with this one can rapidly raise his level of sensitivity. Case studies done here help us to understand that this sensitivity model will then stop oneself from causing trauma to the environment and will sharpen their senses for the purpose of listening to the ‘Voice of the Earth’. This prototype can be introduced and practiced in all regions, further more towards. This can prove to provide beautiful results as this model doesn’t need to harm any creature or misuse any resources.


Our team identifies the organically growing farms in the states of Maharashtra, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Himachal Pradesh, Gujarat, Goa, Uttarakhand and channel their produce around India and provide people with the purest form of nature’s gift through various mediums of communication and grow this ‘Organic Family’ with honesty and acceptance.


Some seek advice and some guidance, but we at The Coriander Cave provide both. We have a specialist nutritionist team to guide you to a healthy journey that you have been always seeking.


The body is a temple of sensitivity and so should be its treatment. Our team will guide you on a path with mild remedies that suit best to your body and help to understand his/her journey of healing.


One is often since reflecting the balance that the body requires through balanced consumption of nutritious food. One needs to be aware of the fact that clean nutritious food has a positive impact on his/her lifestyle. Thus, knowing what to eat is the best way to begin with and taking the first step on the route.


“It’s never weight loss, its health gain.” A fit mind comes from a fit body, a fit body makes your journey memorable. We at Coriander Cave are here to make your journey remarkable by rowing you to a path of a healthy lifestyle and gently offering you the journey that you always wish to explore.


“All Green Is Not Clean “

First of all, what are you eating? Secondly, are you eating healthy? Or are you giving birth to sickness / disease by eating unhealthy due to lack of knowledge. Visit our talks at various forums where our team of experts share their knowledge and experience.


Our needs to stay happy all the time and who does it better than good tasty food. Our recipes and group cooking and blending has happiness in store for you. We at Coriander Cave host various events such as:

  • Healthy Smoothies
  • Smacking Snacks
  • Heating and Eating
  • Talking, walking and cooking
  • Much More ….

"The balance of the ecosystem can be restored through a healthy mind and body"