“The heart of Coriander Cave”

Life showers opportunities often misunderstood as tasks. These tasks are then performed under a sense of completion. Misunderstanding of this opportunity leads our life to being manipulated and succumb to the desires of cruel people which then leads our life unattended once their purpose is fulfilled. This is a ‘Trap’. Bloh is here to translate these opportunities powered by our mother nature and shared with the ignorant gifts that they truly deserve. Bloh is a journey that has no end. It’s a eed that values growth and lifts people up from their temporary desires.


“Bloh is a piece of Art that defines its shape, by the upliftment of humanity”. In the year 2021, Coriander Cave began treating every need with utmost importance and fulfilling the responsibility and with honesty and pride. In this journey, reviving the traditional, forgotten and lost methods of healing put forth immense challenges into our working system.

Our observations highlighted certain key points which lead us to a path where the majority reside and seeing them narrowing down to being a “victim of no choice”. This got us to a conclusion that identifying and creating uniqueness for every need, should be showered upon with utmost purity in Bloh.


Bloh is completely formulated from 100% naturally available raw material found in the forest/self-grown and blended with old, forgotten and newly created ideas with an urban twist to suit the mass. One is sure to find some of these benefits on using its blend.

  • A soothing pure aroma with its natural safe guarded taste.
  • The act of using synthetic preservatives is absent in the journey of Bloh. So one could find a complete mindful help benefitting remedy on each and every blend.
  • Bloh formulated produce responds well to each and every part of the body and provides a beautiful aid in maintaining its top most health.
  • One can be rest assured to shape its immunity to top notch and later benefit the beauty of having a pure and healthy system that acts towards the benefits, made by effective decisions.

"The balance of the ecosystem can be restored through a healthy mind and body"